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We work only with the best fabric manufacturers and produce collections in limited quantities
And how do you differ from others?
Our whole big friendly family has always been involved in sports, but we lacked beautiful and high-quality fitness clothes at an affordable price. High-quality clothes were expensive, and cheap ones were of inappropriate quality. And the chance to meet someone in the same leggings as you at the fitness club was great. But girls always want to look exceptional and unique. That's how our brand was born. We started sewing for ourselves and friends first, and when we realized that you liked our clothes, we started producing small collections so that you could understand what exceptional quality, unique and beautiful design means, and most importantly – convenience and practicality. This is our philosophy.
Why are our clothes better than others?
We use only the highest quality materials. We have traveled half the world and visited dozens of fabric factories. And only the best of the best were selected.
Sportswear should not be fake, but very comfortable, wearable and comfortable. Since sports activities require compliance with many parameters in the production of clothing.
While many clothing manufacturers choose biflex for sewing their clothes, we have abandoned this fabric. Biflex does not allow air to pass through and does not allow the body to breathe, and it looks only on an ideal figure, because it emphasizes all the shortcomings well.

We chose a fabric consisting of polyester and elastane for the production of clothing. This is a light and soft fabric that will provide you with sufficient thermoregulation. The elasticity of the material will allow you to exercise freely and comfortably.
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Women's sports tops for fitness of high quality with delivery in Ukraine

Sports tops are items of clothing used in sports that resemble a shortened T–shirt, but differ in many ways from it. Choosing a sports top for physical activity is beneficial for several reasons at once. In our store you can choose the perfect option for yourself, buy it with home delivery.

Special qualities of a sports top

In order to feel comfortable during sports, it is reasonable to use appropriate clothing items. The special fabric and cut makes them the most suitable for fitness, yoga, Pilates, strength and cardio training.
Special qualities of the sports tops presented on our website:
  • when using them, good breast support is provided during sudden movements, running and other sports exercises;
  • the material of such products allows the skin to breathe, thanks to the use of synthetic fibers in the composition;
  • they do not squeeze the skin and muscles, thus not restricting movement, allowing the athlete not to feel the top on her body;
  • they are produced from fabrics of various colors and models, providing a choice for all tastes.
We have models from different manufacturers in calm and bright colors. You can not only buy the product separately, but also assemble a whole set.

Criteria for choosing sports tops

In Ukraine, women, as well as in Europe, America, monitor their health, figure, and do fitness. A lot of female representatives are engaged in various types of sports. In Kiev, our specialized store offers an extensive range of such products.

The customer faces the question of how to choose a top for sports. In its meaning, tops are this type of bras, a kind of mini tightening T-shirts that provide the necessary freedom of movement.

When choosing a top, it is important to take into account the following criteria:

  1. The type of sport and, accordingly, the load that is assumed during classes.
  2. Usually, the tag of the product indicates the level of load for which the product is intended: walking or yoga, pilates or aerobics, dancing or equestrian sports.
  3. The material from which the top is made. You should not chase natural fabrics. You should not chase natural fabrics. Modern synthetic materials remove moisture, do not cause allergic reactions. The name of the material and its special qualities are indicated on the tag: the ability to absorb moisture, antibacterial impregnation.
  4. The method of fixing the breast.

With large breasts, tightening tops are usually chosen, and those who wish can give preference to supportive ones.
      Buy tops for sports and fitness in Kiev profitably
      You can buy a sports top for fitness and sports in Kiev. In our store, it is easy to choose from an assortment of luxury T-shirts and branded sports tops that will suit the buyer according to the necessary criteria. The website shows the assortment and prices. Our employee will consult by phone on issues related to the characteristics of the product, the manufacturer of the goods. Delivery in Kiev and Ukraine is provided.
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