We work only with the best fabric manufacturers and produce collections in limited quantities
And how do you differ from others?
Our whole big friendly family has always been involved in sports, but we lacked beautiful and high-quality fitness clothes at an affordable price. High-quality clothes were expensive, and cheap ones were of inappropriate quality. And the chance to meet someone in the same leggings as you at the fitness club was great. But girls always want to look exceptional and unique. That's how our brand was born. We started sewing for ourselves and friends first, and when we realized that you liked our clothes, we started producing small collections so that you could understand what exceptional quality, unique and beautiful design means, and most importantly – convenience and practicality. This is our philosophy.
Why are our clothes better than others?
We use only the highest quality materials. We have traveled half the world and visited dozens of fabric factories. And only the best of the best were selected.
Sportswear should not be fake, but very comfortable, wearable and comfortable. Since sports require compliance with many parameters in the production of clothing.
While many clothing manufacturers choose biflex for sewing their clothes, we have abandoned this fabric. The biflex does not allow air to pass through and does not allow the body to breathe, and it looks only on an ideal figure, because it emphasizes all the shortcomings well.
We chose a fabric consisting of polyester and elastane for the production of clothing. This is a light and soft fabric that will provide you with sufficient thermoregulation. The elasticity of the material will allow you to exercise freely and comfortably.
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Women's sports kits in Kiev at a reasonable price

Looking for clothes for sports activities? Do you prefer lightness and practicality in your everyday wardrobe? We offer you sports complexes of our own production. Our clothes are created in Ukraine for energetic and purposeful girls of different ages. Here you will pick up what you need, get a bonus and a discount.

Why should I buy a sports kit?

Sport requires from a person not only the mood, but also the use of hidden reserves, full return. It is simply not possible to train properly and fully in the wrong clothes. It should not constrain movements, interfere with performing complex exercises and making efforts. Traditional clothing is not suitable for active training, not only because it does not provide the necessary thermoregulation. It is not so elastic, durable and wear-resistant.

Sportswear is another aspect that will allow you to work more efficiently, fully engage your muscles and ligaments, and perform high–quality stretching. The fabrics that are used for the production of sports suits are synthetic. This is due to the ability of synthetics not to absorb moisture, but to quickly evaporate it. However, often low-quality synthetics are not durable, violates thermoregulation, does not provide proper comfort.

Knowing all these nuances, our team decided to turn women's idea of comfort during training, and offer clients an amazing combination of style, comfort and quality. In our online store in Kiev, you will pick up a set for yoga, fitness, Pilates, dancing, and other sports. A women's sports kit from GOFIT will take pride of place in your wardrobe.

What models of kits are presented here?

The usual suit for sports in 2020 became leggings and a top for fitness. The fact is that T-shirts and leggings are much more practical than trousers and T-shirts. They fit snugly to the body, completely repeating the contours of the figure, do not bulge, do not interfere with classes, look cooler. You will buy from us:

  • sets with shorts;
  • bicycles;
  • tops and sconces;
  • rashguards;
  • leggings.
The models are different in appearance and colors. The style of each option is unique and inimitable. In the design, we tried to use original stylistic solutions, in combination with the gentle curves of the female figure. The final version of our kits will allow you to become a real queen of the hall, feel confident and comfortable, get rid of discomfort.

The combination of smooth and rough lines, dense and light textures, the play of light and shadow, texture and relief will allow you to achieve the desired results in sports, go to your goal, regardless of obstacles. At the same time, it does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced athlete – such a kit will be another bonus for everyone. Moreover, it will be a great gift for a lover of an active lifestyle, because it can easily be integrated into street fashion, supplemented with an elegant windbreaker and accessories. Do not delay the purchase, use the catalog and determine your option right now. We have a clear dimensional grid, there is a full description of the products.
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