Women's leggings for sports

We work only with the best fabric manufacturers and produce collections in limited quantities
And how do you differ from others?
Our whole big friendly family has always been involved in sports, but we lacked beautiful and high-quality fitness clothes at an affordable price. High-quality clothes were expensive, and cheap ones were of inappropriate quality. And the chance to meet someone in the same leggings as you at the fitness club was great. But girls always want to look exceptional and unique. That's how our brand was born. We started sewing for ourselves and friends first, and when we realized that you liked our clothes, we started producing small collections so that you could understand what exceptional quality, unique and beautiful design means, and most importantly – convenience and practicality. This is our philosophy.
Why are our clothes better than others?
We use only the highest quality materials. We have traveled half the world and visited dozens of fabric factories. And only the best of the best were selected.
Sportswear should not be fake, but very comfortable, wearable and comfortable. Since sports activities require compliance with many parameters in the production of clothing.
While many clothing manufacturers choose biflex for sewing their clothes, we have abandoned this fabric. The biflex does not allow air to pass through and does not allow the body to breathe, and it looks only on an ideal figure, because it emphasizes all the shortcomings well.

We chose a fabric consisting of polyester and elastane for the production of clothing. This is a light and soft fabric that will provide you with sufficient thermoregulation. The elasticity of the material will allow you to exercise freely and comfortably.
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Women's sports leggings and leggings – the style and beauty of modern things

GoFit Women offers to purchase exclusive sports leggings at an affordable price. The store's products are represented by models created from high-quality materials imported from Spain and Italy. You can order your favorite leggings for training in Ukraine on the store's website in one click on the buy button. Specify the size, contact details and make a purchase. To clarify the details, you can call the manager.

Branded sports leggings

GoFit Women is a young brand engaged in creating collections of modern and practical clothing models for sports. The masters use high-quality materials and non-standard design in their work, so our clothes can be worn not only in the gym, but also on the street. Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but you don't know which side to approach it from? Start with the selection of versatile, comfortable and stylish clothes. For women, appearance is important, the mood and further progress towards the intended goal depends on how beautiful she feels and how comfortable she is in the classroom. Buy beautiful leggings or a set in the GoFit store to give you confidence and desire to start a new life stage.
The online store presents not only leggings, but also:
  • bright comfortable sets;
  • windbreakers;
  • rashguards;
  • tops;
  • t - shirts;
  • shorts;
  • bicycles, etc.
Note that in connection with cooperation with proven fabric manufacturers, we produce collections with a limited number of units of goods. We are not chasing the number of products, the goal is to create something unique, convenient, beautiful and corresponding to modern fashion trends.

Why should I buy fitness leggings at GoFit Women?

The idea of creating things for the gym is inspired by personal interests. We do sports ourselves and we know how difficult it is to find good women's leggings in Kiev and across Ukraine. So the luxury segment of clothing for the gym is too expensive, and the models at an acceptable cost are made of poor quality and poor fabric. In addition, buying cheap leggings is a chance to meet an athlete in the same clothes, and women do not like to get into such situations.

Therefore, if you decide to buy fitness leggings at GoFit Women, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality, unique, comfortable thing. The store presents models:
  • Black series;
  • series Black by Aysina;
  • Shine Beige;
  • Camo Sota Series;
  • Grid Series;
  • Akvarel;
  • Tropical;
  • Face;
  • Black Bikini;
  • Bloom;
  • GoFit by AYSINA Blue;
  • Skull series (Golden, Camo, rose, Old);
  • Leopard series.
For the production of leggings, a material made of elastane and polyester is used. Since it is important for sports to choose clothes that are breathable, elastic, light and soft, providing proper thermoregulation. Each sewn model is carefully checked for possible defects and incorrectly made seams so that the clothes are at the highest level.
GoFit Women leggings will make sports activities comfortable. You will feel irresistible, bright and light in them. Thanks to the quality of the fabric, the skin will breathe, and inserts and pleasant color designs will emphasize the figure. Hurry up to order models from the new collection, because the leggings go on sale in small batches.

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