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We work only with the best fabric manufacturers and produce collections in limited quantities
And how do you differ from others?
Our whole big friendly family has always been involved in sports, but we lacked beautiful and high-quality fitness clothes at an affordable price. High-quality clothes were expensive, and cheap ones were of inappropriate quality. And the chance to meet someone in the same leggings as you at the fitness club was great. But girls always want to look exceptional and unique. That's how our brand was born. We started sewing for ourselves and friends first, and when we realized that you liked our clothes, we started producing small collections so that you could understand what exceptional quality, unique and beautiful design means, and most importantly – convenience and practicality. This is our philosophy.
Why are our clothes better than others?
We use only the highest quality materials. We have traveled half the world and visited dozens of fabric factories. And only the best of the best were selected.
Sportswear should not be fake, but very comfortable, wearable and comfortable. Since sports activities require compliance with many parameters in the production of clothing.
Professional swimmers prefer lycra swimsuits due to its high resistance to chlorine (5-10 times higher than other materials). Unlike conventional elastic fibers, under the action of chlorine, lycra retains the ability to shrink and does not lose its functional properties during 180 hours of exposure to chlorinated water.
Scope of application. Lycra is used in the production of fabrics for sewing swimwear, fitness clothing, sports, dance and stage costumes.
Advantages of lycra products:

  • tightly fit the body
  • they retain their original shape well: they do not stretch and do not sag, do not form folds
  • they are characterized by high wear resistance
  • they pass air well
  • do not require special care
  • provides comfort and freedom of movement
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Buy branded swimwear at an affordable price in Ukraine

A swimsuit is one of the most important items in the wardrobe of a girl, a woman. Every representative of the fair sex wants to look stylish and elegant on the beach or in the pool, emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure, feel comfortable and confident. To do this, it is important to purchase a high-quality and exclusive item that is right for you.

Our online store provides an opportunity to buy a swimsuit in Kiev from leading designers. We have selected beautiful and high-quality luxury products for women that will attract attention to their owner, make her refined and fashionable. Each model and color scheme is presented in a limited number, which guarantees that there is no chance of meeting an identical sports swimsuit for the pool during a beach holiday.

How to choose a quality bathing suit?

When choosing women's swimwear, pay attention to the parameters responsible for convenience, safety and long service life. These include:

  • fabric quality;
  • drawing method;
  • seam treatment;
  • paint resistance to external influences;
  • environmental safety.

We provide an opportunity to buy branded bathing suits online at an affordable price. For all models, only modern fabrics produced at the enterprises of Spain and Italy are used. They are durable, wear-resistant, have passed all dermatological tests, do not provoke the development of allergies and irritation of the skin. All seams are made by a special method. They do not rub and do not cause discomfort. Elastic properties give a good fit to the body, emphasizes the advantages of the figure and hides flaws. In the water, the swimsuit does not stretch and restricts movement.

To create an exclusive print, original designs of designers are used, which cannot be found from other manufacturers. The drawing is done by sublimation. Such an image looks expensive, does not fade, does not crack and does not lose its attractiveness throughout the entire period of wear. Some elements have a rubberized base, which significantly increases the wear resistance of the swimsuit. The special composition of the fabric and paints is resistant to direct sunlight, sea water and chlorine. It is equally safe to use for recreation and sports in the pool or in natural reservoirs. To order a swimsuit of this quality in Ukraine is available only in our company. At the same time, its cost will pleasantly surprise you. To select this product of the women's wardrobe should take into account the characteristics of the figure of the fair sex. With the help of a special cut, fabric structure, pattern and color, a woman's body becomes more elegant, attractive areas are emphasized and problem areas are veiled. We offer swimsuits with large and small floral prints, animal patterns, folk motifs and original images. Among the variety of models that tightly fit the figure, covering the shoulders or the decollete area, every woman and girl will choose the best option for herself, making her body slimmer, more elegant and more attractive. At the same time, convenience, comfort and wear resistance of the product are not lost to the detriment of beauty.

Advantages of our swimwear

Having made an acquisition in our company, customers will appreciate the swimwear presented on the website pages. They have the following qualities:

  1. High-quality expensive material fits the figure without restricting movements.
  2. Soft fabric, special technology of seams exclude discomfort.
  3. Special patterns for sewing emphasize the curves of the body, support the shape of a woman.
  4. The material is wear-resistant and environmentally friendly.
  5. Paints are resistant to the sun, salt water, chlorine.
  6. It dresses easily and fits snugly on the body with the most intense movements.

All these parameters make our bathing suits popular and in demand.

Rules of bathing suit care

To look original and refined during a beach holiday, a visit to the pool or water sports, it is not enough to buy a branded exclusive swimsuit. It is necessary to properly take care of this item of women's wardrobe. To do this, follow these rules:

  • wash only with your hands;
  • use liquid washing powders without bleach;
  • do not make physical efforts to remove impurities;
  • the water is slightly warm, not hot in any way;
  • rinse thoroughly;
  • do not use air conditioning;
  • do not squeeze, but let the water drain;
  • dry in a straightened form away from heating devices;
  • it is unacceptable to place a swimsuit for drying on a heating battery in winter.

Follow these simple rules and the product will retain its shape, quality, does not fade and will not lose its attractiveness throughout the entire service life.

Order your favorite swimsuit is available on our website. To do this, in a special window near the photo and description of the model, select the desired size and confirm the purchase. If you have any questions, order feedback and the store manager will call you soon, clarify the details and provide detailed information. You can pay for the purchase on the website, by transfer to a bank card, to the courier of Novaya Pochta. We also ship products by cash on delivery to the post office. After inspection of the shipment, the customer pays for the goods and transportation on the spot. For the convenience of customers, we suggest visiting the company's office, fitting the model and making a payment and taking the goods home yourself.
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