We work only with the best fabric manufacturers and produce collections in limited quantities
And how do you differ from others?
Our whole big friendly family has always been involved in sports, but we lacked beautiful and high-quality fitness clothes at an affordable price. High-quality clothes were expensive, and cheap ones were of inappropriate quality. And the chance to meet someone in the same leggings as you at the fitness club was great. But girls always want to look exceptional and unique. That's how our brand was born. We started sewing for ourselves and friends first, and when we realized that you liked our clothes, we started producing small collections so that you could understand what exceptional quality, unique and beautiful design means, and most importantly – convenience and practicality. This is our philosophy.
Why are our clothes better than others?
We use only the highest quality materials. We have traveled half the world and visited dozens of fabric factories. And only the best of the best were selected.
Sportswear should not be fake, but very comfortable, wearable and comfortable. Since sports require compliance with many parameters in the production of clothing.
While many clothing manufacturers choose biflex for sewing their clothes, we have abandoned this fabric. The biflex does not allow air to pass through and does not allow the body to breathe, and it looks only on an ideal figure, because it emphasizes all the shortcomings well.

We chose a fabric consisting of polyester and elastane for the production of clothing. This is a light and soft fabric that will provide you with sufficient thermoregulation. The elasticity of the material will allow you to exercise freely and comfortably.
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Women's rashguards are the key to comfortable and safe training

Are you actively involved in sports? Then you need to take care of protecting your skin. And for this we offer to buy a women's rashguard in our store. In Ukraine, you can order comfortable, high-quality sportswear at affordable prices in a couple of clicks. Place an order now to become the owner of the products you like. After all, the collection is available in limited quantities.

Why do I need to buy a women's rashguard for sports?

Training is accompanied by regular contact with a partner and equipment, respectively, germs and bacteria get on the body. During classes, the body temperature increases, blood circulation accelerates, and the body becomes more susceptible to external stimuli. All this can cause allergies or redness as a result. To protect the skin, but not to disrupt the heat exchange process, you need to use special clothes, rashguard.

Rashguard is a compression type T–shirt with long or short sleeves. These clothes are like a second skin, the fabric is so elastic and soft that it is not felt on the body. Due to the texture and tight fit, the T-shirt fixes the chest without creating uncomfortable sensations. Despite the increased elasticity, the material allows air to pass through, respectively, the body breathes.

In the production of rashguard, we refused to use biflex, choosing elastane and polyester. This is due to the fact that the biflex lets in little air, emphasizes the irregularities of the figure. As a result, the woman feels discomfort due to heat and increased sweating. In addition, all thoughts are focused not on training, but on an imperfect appearance. With GoFit Women collections, you will forget about these problems. Fabrics for clothing are made in Spain and Italy. The materials are soft and light, ensure a normal heat exchange process.

The rashguard, like other elements of sportswear presented in the online store, is printed by sublimation. And this means that the clothes will have their original appearance for a long time.
GoFit Women presents several types of rashguards:
  • a short top with long and short sleeves;
  • cropped with long sleeves;
  • elongated with long sleeves.
The variety of designs will make it possible to choose a rashguard for the available leggings. In addition, in Kiev and Ukraine, you can order a whole tracksuit in one color gamut from your favorite collection: Black, Camo, Skull, GoFit, Burgundy Rose, Akvarel, Tropical, Face, etc.

Functions of the female rashguard

Buy a rashguard in our store, because this thing performs several useful functions:
  1. During training, a comfortable temperature is maintained to protect against sudden changes during a break or intensive exercise.
  2. When practicing in a large team, clothing protects the body from infection with skin diseases, fungus, as well as from the effects of sports equipment.
  3. Clothing is considered practical. Moreover, it is a cost-effective purchase. Rashguard is dense, elastic, does not tear, so the service life is much higher than that of cotton T-shirts.
If you want to look attractive in class, then an exclusive rashguard from our store will help with this. The clothes fit perfectly on the figure, support the chest, do not restrict movement and give a sense of confidence.
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